Welcome to the OSPI School Bus Information System.

The system provides inventory and reimbursement information about the school district, educational service district (ESD) and contractor owned school buses in Washington State.

The Inventory Report shows all active school buses at the selected school district or educational service district, regardless of their reimbursement status.

The Bus Depreciation Report shows only those buses currently on the school bus reimbursement system. Both school district and ESD owned school buses and school buses operated under contract to a school district are included.

A description of how to get these workbooks set up and the assumptions made is available DeprForecastInstructions2022.

A second spreadsheet is available to provide the current school bus inventory for each school district (for use with the forecasting spreadsheet) provided DistrictFleetData2022.

Depreciation forecasting and bus purchase simulations for school district owned buses can be made using the Excel workbook provided DistrictFleetForecast2022. (File size: ~27 MB)

For additional assistance with this process, please contact your Regional Transportation Coordinator.

Login is available for OSPI administrative purposes only.

If you have questions about the system, please call the Student Transportation Office at 360-725-6120.