Test Registration

Test Registration of Online School Program Students Testing at an Alternate Site

Online school program coordinators must register students who will be assessed at a district other than their primary enrolled district. Registration for students enrolled in online school programs testing at an alternate site will be conducted using the WAMS Test Registration (TR) system

OSPI is working with AIR to direct the appropriate hard copy pre-ID materials for tests that are only administered on paper and pencil. This application will also serve as a roster for all students testing at alternate sites. Registration for any students taking any paper/pencil-only test (EOCs, HSPE, DAPE Science) must be completed by January 12th to facilitate proper print count calculations and any materials redirection from alternate sites. The deadline to enter students prior to the first summative test administration is March 2nd.

The following link provides critical detailed information about the Test Registration process OnlineSchlPrgrmRegInfo.doc please review this document prior to registering students.

For the testing site's district assessment coordinator contact information, please refer to: http://www.k12.wa.us/TestAdministration/Contacts.aspx

For assistance in registering, please contact assessment@k12.wa.us or by phone (360) 725-6348.

NOTE for Spring 2015: Students will test using the mode (paper or online) of the site administering the test. Students’ enrolled districts are responsible for entering any test settings or accommodations, including the print-on-demand accommodation for students requiring a paper test per IEP specifications, into TIDE for their students.

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