The Washington State Achievement Index is designed as a unified state and federal system intended to meaningfully differentiate among schools. It is a snapshot of a school's performance based on statewide assessments. We can compare how a school performs in reading, writing, math, science, and graduation rates. The achievement index is a joint project between the State Board of Education and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The goals are to:
  • To provide a fair and consistent measurement of Washington’s public schools.
  • To present a clear picture of how schools and districts are performing.
  • To demonstrate improvement over time and highlight closing achievement gaps.
  • To tell us more, in an easier-to-understand way, than the federal "No Child Left Behind" Act’s requirements for Adequate Yearly Progress.
  • Show how well low income and non-low income students perform.

In July 2012, SBE and OSPI began to revise the Achievement Index to include student growth data and college and career readiness indicators. This data will provide a better way to view school performance, measuring not only how many students meet state proficiency standards, but also how much and how quickly students are learning.

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