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Date: 05/04/21
Message: 002 (2021-22 System)
The following has been added to the list of available iGrants form packages.

Professional Education Advisory Boards (Eligible Grantees Only)

Form Package:  718

Eligible Subgrantees:  College/University, ESD, Other, Public School, School District


To pay for the Professional Education Advisory Boards administrative expenses incurred as a result of carrying out the requirements of WAC 181-78A-209.

Due Date:  12/27/21  5:00 PM

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Stefanie Cady
Executive Assistant

Date: 05/04/21
Message: 001 (2021-22 System)
The following has been added to the list of available iGrants form packages.

Open Educational Resources Project Grant

Form Package:  730

Eligible Subgrantees:  College/University, Community Mobilization, ESD, Institution, Public School, Other, School District, Tribal School


Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are free to use, adapt, and share.

Due Date:  05/27/21  4:00 PM

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Barbara Soots
Program Manager

Date: 04/29/21
Message: 265 (2020-21 System)
The following has been added to the list of available iGrants form packages.

Bilingual Educator Book Initiative: Supporting Future Educators

Form Package:  137

Eligible Subgrantees:  School District, Tribal School


Provide funding for middle and high schools in Washington to purchase library books to support school districts or Tribal Compact Schools to grow their own future bilingual educators and educators from underrepresented populations. Districts or Tribal Compact Schools apply for grant funds to support their middle and high school libraries, for a maximum of $1000 per building.

Due Date:  05/17/21  4:00 PM

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Zoe Hammes-Hefti
Program Specialist

Muzdah Malik
Program Specialist

Stacey Sowders
Program Manager

Date: 04/28/21
Message: 264 (2020-21 System)
The following has been added to the list of available iGrants form packages.

College-Ready Math Initiative: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Carryover

Form Package:  131

Eligible Subgrantees:  Other


The purpose of the College-Ready Math Initiative is to support students from low incomes graduate from high school with strong math skills and avoid remediation in college. School leaders, teachers and educators are included in that support. There are systemic barriers within certain learning environments that can, unfortunately, negative affect the learning outcomes for students. In intentionally addressing those issues, specific and contractual Professional Development can be applied to this grant to support diversity, equity and inclusion that enhances the continuation of programming that strengthens overall outcomes each student.

Due Date:  05/06/21  5:00 PM

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Megan Holmgren
Program Assistant

Timmie Foster
Program Supervisor

Date: 04/27/21
Message: 263 (2020-21 System)
The following has been added to the list of available iGrants form packages.

WA 2021 Team Nutrition Sub-Grant

Form Package:  138

Eligible Subgrantees:  School District


LEAs selected for participation as sub-grantees in the 2021 Team Nutrition Grant are entitled to sub-grant funds to support their efforts on this grant. Sub-grantees are tasked with standardizing recipes that incorporate local agricultural products and take into consideration the cultural diversity of the student body they serve. Sub-grant funds may be used on any tasks associated with the standardization of recipes for the purposes of this grant, including, but not limited to: food, kitchen equipment, staffing, marketing materials, nutrition education materials, training, and travel. These funds will be provided in six installments upon OSPI's receipt of required sub-grantee deliverables.

Due Date:  05/31/21  5:00 PM

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Bianca Smith
Program Specialist